Nitrogen policy must be faster, there is no magic wand

Nitrogen policy must be faster, there is no magic wand

The debate resumes with the floor of D66 party leader Jan Paternot. He congratulates Van der Plaas on her special achievement. But this does not mean that everything should change suddenly in the country, he emphasizes. “I see a clear majority for more work on climate policy, a shift in nature policy and more opportunities in the education and housing markets.”

However, he believes the government should take action. “Too little happened for too long. There was too much time wasted. This Cabinet must show that it can follow through on plans on paper. The Coalition Agreement is in place and Cabinet must continue with the nitrogen policy. Put the turbo on approach. Make sure the provinces can You get to work, and open the counter for peak taxes.

He wonders what coalition partner CDA really wants with the announcement that at a later date, perhaps, the coalition agreement should be dismantled. Paternot stresses that he is always open to discussions, but he does not see an alternative to the current policy. If a party wants to talk about the coalition agreement, you cannot refuse it. But at the moment I see no alternative to a clear nitrogen policy deadline.

That deadline is now 2030. The CDA would prefer to get rid of that. Paternot: “The point is that we want to protect nature and that the economy can be shut down. A deadline isn’t a goal, it’s a means you need to make sure you set enough speed.

He therefore believes that CDA has some explanation to do. If you say you want to get rid of that deadline, you have a huge responsibility to show that you can achieve goals in a different way. It’s not clear to us how the CDA wants to do this.

The opposition smells discord in the coalition. Can the CDA break the alliance agreement or not, GL leader Klaver wants to know. Paternote: Nothing has been agreed upon. I did not agree to anything. It was only announced that the CDA would like to speak at a later date. The coalition agreement is in force, and Ministers Van der Waal and Adema will continue their policies. From all aspects.

Klaver: “But will D66 move or not if I ask CDA?”

Paternot: “It’s possible, but then you have a huge responsibility to point out how to achieve the nitrogen targets.”

PvdD Leader Ouwehand wants to know how D66 likes to accelerate. “As the peak cranes approach,” says Paternott. He believes funding must be made available quickly for all of the plans that the provinces come up with this spring. “It has to happen this year,” he told the Cabinet.

Volt Dassen leader really fears that the government seems less decisive than Paternotte suggests, since the CDA has begun discussing the coalition agreement. Paternot sees this problem, but hopes the government will make it clear later today that the goals are exactly right. And he repeats:2030 is not a goal, but a means to an end. I don’t see any alternative method at this time.

Raoul Du Pré

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