BEST SELLER How I Survive Now Also Helps Get Through My 20s: ‘Rosa Seems Like a Real Friend’ | local

BEST SELLER How I Survive Now Also Helps Get Through My 20s: 'Rosa Seems Like a Real Friend' |  local

Good news for anxiety in your 20s. No book has had as great an impact on the baby boomer generation as a bestseller How can i survive By Francine Oommen. Now there’s a sequel written specifically for the slightly older young man who’s grown up with life’s lessons. This time burnout, student debt, and doubts about motherhood are discussed.

the How can i surviveThe series follows the lives of Rosa and her friends. In the first part, How do I spend my vacation?She is 11 years old. She gets very bored while on vacation with her parents and ends up getting lost with her boyfriend Jonas. That was already 25 years ago, and the series now consists of fifteen parts. What started with tips for surviving a terrible vacation ended with advice about first grade, your first kiss, divorced parents, and dreams. So Rosa and the readers grow a little with each book.

A real success formula, because more than 3 million copies have been sold in recent years. According to Anouk Lammers, editor at Volt Publishing, there is a reason for this: “The… How can i surviveThe series has provided young people with exposure and guidance for years. They recognize themselves in the characters’ situations and can use the survival tips in their own lives. Oomen has embraced this success formula once again and started with a new one How can i survive-series.

The new book How do I survive everything that I don’t tell anyone? Especially for readers of the past who, like the main character Rosa, are now young adults. They are also called Generation Hui (short for How I Live), which is the age group that Aomine “raised” with. Rosa is now 25 years old and faces new problems, just like her loyal readers. Three of these readers talk about how they survived their childhood and its impact on their lives.

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Lindsay Bickers (25)

How I grew up with How can i survive?
“When I was a teenager, I used to go to the library every week to read. Rosa encountered things that might still have been taboo in our time, for example when she developed anorexia. How can i survive “It helped me a lot when I was a teenager, and I no longer feel alone.”

How did I help you?
“I lost my mother when I was six and my father was not in the picture. I grew up with my grandmother in Kerkrade and could sometimes feel like an outsider. Rosa, Sasha, Jonas and Esther were also in the book. These children did not have the perfect picture either and it was very important It’s great to read that.”

Lindsay Bickers with her new book How Do I Survive Everything I Never Tell Anyone? © Marcel van Horn

What is your best survival tip?
“The tips on self-confidence were a real asset. You had to stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. It really helped me deal with my emotions. I often wrote the tips in a notebook so I could use them when I needed them. These tips are not useful for teenagers “Not only for adults, but for adults too. In fact, I still use survival tips now!”

Did you recognize yourself in the new book?
“The book is about the high pressure on our generation; I was really under stress psychologically. Mainly due to Corona and my studies, because I was in the healthcare sector. I had to go on autopilot for a while.”

Janten Breuer (32)

How did you become aware? How can i survive?
,,Mine first How will I survive-I received this book once during summer vacation, and I immediately loved it. After that, I received one of the sequels for each birthday, report card, or holiday. So I grew up with Rosa, who was now the same age as me. “She felt like a real friend.”

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Did you recognize yourself in Rosa?
“Rosa had seen much more extreme things than I had. That’s why I recognized myself most in her best friend: Esther. I was bullied at first by Rosa and Sasha, but then the two became inseparable. I often had the thought: Hey, this “It works for me too! The advice I received was very helpful.”

Jantine Breuer with her book collection
Jantine Breuer with her book collection How to Survive. © Janten Breuer

What piece of advice do you remember most?
“This is about expectations of love. You expect love to make you happy, but you’re responsible for that. That’s the message I still really stand by.”

What do you think of the new book?
“You’re still growing up with this series. Now that we’re adults, we’re expected to know everything. That’s not true at all. The joke of course is that it’s still the same message as before, but it applies to the current time and era. And we had to hear it again.” “

Contributed by Lotus Bisling (22). How Do I Survive… Podcast

What was your favourite? How can i survive-book?
“It was my favorite How do I live the first year?It helped me a lot when I was a teenager. I was about 11 years old at the time, and through books, I could imagine what high school would be like. I mainly listened to audiobooks narrated by Francine. Unconsciously, the series had a huge impact on my life. “I got to know myself and that made me feel better and I’m not alone.”

How was working on it? How Do I Survive… Podcast?
“It was so much fun, because I grew up with it, of course! I’m also from the generation you’re talking about, so I got to know myself again. I admire Francine so much because she’s so committed to our generation. She’s on talk shows and sits at the table as an advocate, even though… That it doesn’t have to be her fight. I think that’s very cool of her.

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Lotus Blossoming with her How to Survive Polaroid.
Lotus Blossoming with her How to Survive Polaroid. © Lotus Blossoming

What piece of advice do you remember most?
“What had a huge impact on me was Lisa’s story. She’s not sure whether she wants to have children or not. That really hit home for me. She reassured me so much with her conclusion and I started to think differently.”

Have you read the new book yet?
“Because of all that studying, I haven’t been able to do it yet, but I can’t wait to get started!”

New part How do I survive everything that I don’t tell anyone? It’s only been out for two weeks, but according to publisher Volt, it’s already been a hit. The first edition of 25,000 copies sold out after one day. The new part is also No. 1 on the 60 bestseller list. For now, Gil Hui can look forward to a theatrical release based on the last part. It will be released in theaters in September 2025.

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