Google Now Launcher for Android will stop working at the end of April – Tablets & Phones – News

android is an open source operating system and unlike iOS you can often access it fairly easily, in short there are privacy measures to be taken to deal with much less privacy issues than Android. He certainly doesn’t stop everything, but if you really want him to, he can stop a lot. At a moment like this, a nice launcher can of course make a difference, especially if you look at what lineageOS itself sends as a launcher, I think you’ll want to invest in an alternative…

But then nova and google now of course fall right away. …

I also sometimes agree with Mies, something many, in my opinion, may not be able to properly appreciate, the “value” of privacy, one seems to think that privacy is more important than oxygen and that you die instantly if you don’t. You don’t have it, the other half doesn’t think about it at all… But of course the whole point of privacy is that it’s very valuable and it should be based on very trust…

Which means: If I give you my car keys and don’t get it back, I’ll go to court and tell my story – the judge will rule and voila I’ll get my car back, if it still doesn’t work, then a bailiff will come either to take my car from you or enough things to make up the value.

This is of course different in terms of privacy, although I can request that my data be deleted from your database (or be deleted), it is not possible for me to go to court and ask if your memory (in your head, say) can be deleted to become.

At the same time, not all data is equally harmful… After all, who cares if you bought a box of cookies or a box of cookies yesterday morning.

So privacy requires a great deal of personal insight and judgment.

What data you can get (and which you can’t), and that also means I have to pay attention to who or what I’m putting in the photo, what information I’m sending via free email or contests I want to enter.

So privacy doesn’t start with big technology or AVG legislation, it starts with being aware of your own behavior and how much you know how much you want to share it with the outside world.

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