Coal-fired power plants are allowed to go faster, but they don’t always | climate

Coal-fired power plants are allowed to go faster, but they don't always |  climate

بالمقارنة مع توقعات الحكومة ، فإن رقم الانبعاث هو مكسب غير متوقع: افترضت Jetten 10 ميغا طن إضافية على مدى 2.5 سنة. بالمستويات الحالية ، ستكون هذه الانبعاثات أقل بثلاث مرات. وفقًا لفيسر ، لا يمكن تحديد رقم دقيق حتى الآن ، ولكن وفقًا له ، فإن تأثير المناخ على أي حال "أقل بكثير مما أخذته الحكومة في الاعتبار".

المتحدث باسم الوزير جيتين لم يرفع العلم بعد: "في الوقت الحالي ، سوف نتمسك بعشرة ميغا طن". ووفقًا له ، لا يزال من غير المؤكد تمامًا مقدار الطاقة التي ستوفرها محطات الطاقة التي تعمل بالفحم في السنوات القادمة ، لأن ذلك يعتمد بشدة على أسعار الطاقة المتقلبة باستمرار.

وعدت Jetten بتقديم تدابير في الربيع للتعويض عن انبعاثات ثاني أكسيد الكربون الإضافية من محطات الطاقة التي تعمل بالفحم. يدرس الوزير ، من بين أمور أخرى ، الاستدامة الأسرع في الصناعة ، وجعل تأجير السيارات الكهربائية إلزاميًا وفرض ضريبة على إنتاج البلاستيك غير المعاد تدويره. اعتبارًا من عام 2030 ، يجب إغلاق محطات الطاقة التي تعمل بالفحم بشكل دائم.

Ontvang een melding bij nieuwe artikelen

Lots of wind, little coal

The fact that coal-fired power plants are still steadily declining is partly due to the sustainable energy the Netherlands generates. It has been windy a lot since the beginning of the year. As a result, wind farms were able to generate much of the electricity, and coal and natural gas plants didn’t have to work as hard.

Environmental groups: Close coal plants by 2025

Several environmental organizations on Friday called for coal-fired power plants to shut down by 2025. That would save tens of megatons of carbon dioxide emissions in the years through 2030. According to the organizations, power plants can be shut down without blackouts, as long as they The Cabinet is fully committed to energy conservation.

“The cabinet has talked about emergency action, but it’s an emergency action that does a lot of climate damage and undoes many other climate actions,” said Rob van Tilburg of Nature & Environment. He says the increased proliferation of coal plants “can and should be temporary”.

However, polluting power plants will still matter in the years to come, energy expert Visser believes. In Belgium and Germany, many nuclear power plants will be shut down in the coming years, which means that Dutch coal-fired power plants will also play an increasingly important role internationally.

“In the base scenario, these power plants might not be necessary, but if there are special circumstances, they suddenly become,” says Visser. He points to the drought in Norway, which resulted in hydroelectric power generation being disappointing. Meanwhile, prices in France have skyrocketed as many nuclear power plants have been shut down for maintenance.

Cross-border nuclear power plants are shutting down

For Cetin’s ministry, this is a reason to commit to 2030 as the shutdown date for coal-fired power plants. In addition, the government fears that it will have to pay billions to owners of power plants if it goes forward with that date. “We’d prefer to monetize this in other actions, which will continue to have an impact beyond 2030,” said a company spokesperson.

In any case, coal-fired power plants will produce less in the coming years because we will have more wind and solar parks, Visser predicts. But where these sustainable sources are not available, coal-fired power plants may still be necessary. “I’ll definitely keep them open for now.”

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