Apple employees in the United States vote to form the first union

Apple employees in the United States vote to form the first union

Apple Store employees in Maryland have voted to form a union. It is the first time that employees of the tech giant have united in a union in the United States. The company has long discouraged such initiatives.

65 of the 110 employees at the store in the Baltimore suburb of Townsend voted to form the union. Voted 33 against. Some employees campaigned for the union under the name AppleCORE (Apple Alliance for Organized Retail Employees). They want more say in salary, working hours and safety measures.

Staff at the coalition said they announced Apple CEO Tim Cook last month that they wanted to form a union. In that statement, they said their motive was “to obtain rights we do not have now.”

Employees want to join a trade union International Association of Mechanic and Aerospace Workers (IAM) called. “I applaud the courage shown by the CORE members to achieve this historic victory,” said the IAM President.

Previous Attempts

Large companies in the United States have recently faced more attempts by employees to standardize. Employees at Amazon and Starbucks, among others, have tried to form unions. So far this has not yielded any results.

Employees of the Amazon warehouse in New York have agreed to form a union. It was also the first of its kind in the United States. But Amazon wants to overturn that and wants a second vote.

An attempt was previously also made by Apple employees in Atlanta. They withdrew at the last minute because they were allegedly intimidated. Last year, Apple employees began speaking out against working conditions using the hashtag #AppleToo.

Apple declined to comment on Townsend’s vote.

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