AEX is waiting for US inflation, there is a lot of chip news and oh, geopolitics

De AEX wacht op inflatie VS, er is veel chipnieuws en oh, geopolitiek

The AEX is -0.1% at 630 after a miserable Wall Street, which was slightly shocked by the Fed.

It is now red in Asia, with the yen hitting new lows. The TSMC is down -0.5% in the third quarter and I set the alarm for 2:30pm because then there is inflation in the US.

  • European and American futures are all around -0.1%
  • In Asia, only China is a few tenths higher, the rest a few tenths lower. However, Taiwan -2.0% and Korea -1.3%
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is -0.2% at 33.6
  • The dollar at 0.9706
  • Gold is down -0.2%, Oil is up +0.2% again, and Crypto is down a few tenths

Interest rates are now slightly lower, and this may give some air to stocks. You probably shouldn’t expect much from all prices for this inflation number.

This number is looking up the market today and beware, the last time prices fell sharply on the back of a small setback. US consumer prices for September are shown, i.e. inflation. For stocks, the number is hopefully better than expected, because the Fed has its teeth when it comes to inflation.

That was evident again from Minutes The latest interest rate decision and here and there speeches by presidents and officials. Again, inflation must return to the US and will return, if necessary at the expense of the economy.

For the participating writers, this is the complete consensus:

On the Damrak, vajron is neat and routine Q3sthat meet expectations.

NSI is also there with Q3 numbers, raises profit expectations and I’m still finding these lines from the press release. The fund might reorganize and rethink its strategy if it didn’t change those FBI rules that were so bad for it.

  • The potential abolition of the FBI system in 2024 significantly distorts the equality of opportunity for the listed Dutch real estate sector
  • Mitigation measures by the government are necessary; Otherwise, NSI will have to restructure the business/taxes

Is there any technology or bad news, you wonder? Applied Materials is sure to warn that it will be hurt by the latest series of US semiconductor actions against China. Not unexpectedly, it seems, because the course was presented Just hours later 0.6% at a modest turnover.

ASML Should Also Deal With China’s New Rules?

Below is a summary of the numbers from TSMC, which are -0.5%.

Good luck everyone today with our AEX in the fresh bottoms and our interest in the new highs. I don’t think everyone is happy with these trends.

News, short tips and agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam closed yesterday.

  • 08:21 FIL Bigger in Just Eat Takeaway
  • 08:18 TSMC profits beat expectations
  • 08:13 RoodMicrotec sees huge increase in income
  • 08:05 German inflation continues to rise
  • 08:01 AEX starts slightly lower in anticipation of US inflation
  • 07:41 “ASML bans US employees from providing services to China”
  • 07:29 NSI raises profit forecast
  • 07:19 Vajron scores more spins
  • 06:59 European stocks opened lower
  • 06:52 Stock Market Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:51 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • 06:51 Exhibition Agenda: Foreign Funds
  • October 12 stock update: AEX on Wall Street
  • On October 12, Wall Street closed slightly lower
  • October 12, the price of oil closed lower
  • October 12, Federal Reserve meeting minutes show concerns about persistently high inflation
  • October 12 Wall Street heads towards a steady close
  • October 12 The White House is considering a ban on Russian aluminum – Media
  • October 12 European stocks closed lower

AFM reports this shorts And our dear helper, how many there are:

You’re probably curious about this, he doesn’t want to get any less:

You may also be interested in this name:

schedule of work:

07:00 Fajroon – Third Quarter Numbers
07:00 NSI – Third Quarter Numbers
08:00 Road Microtech – Third Quarter Numbers

00:00 TSMC – Third Quarter Numbers (TAY)
12:00 BlackRock – US Q3 numbers
13:00 Delta Air Lines – US Third Quarter Numbers

00:00 Details of the new US trade measures for the chip industry
08:00 Inflation – September Final (German)
10:00 IEA – Monthly Report (Fra)
14:30 Support Requests – Weekly (US)
14:30 Inflation – September (US)
17:00 Oil Inventories – Weekly (US)

then this

intermittent sessionIt’s a nice expression:


This could cause a geopolitical shift. The Saudis are dealing with the Russians, they seem to be talking secretly with Israel, and perhaps China is watching too.

Great interests:

And the benefit:

Do we almost forget the Chinese real estate market:

This is not the year to invest in ESG:

Oh yeah dead. Still there.

AMC at its lowest price since the big crises:

You still want to eat and drink.

It is this guy’s timeline. Except for cars and missiles:

Is it also good?


Enjoy and good luck today.

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