Chuckle on Twitter while having coffee in Mr.’s apartment. Frank Visser

Chuckle on Twitter while having coffee in Mr.'s apartment.  Frank Visser

Due to the Corona virus, the daily coffee hour has been canceled, which caused a lot of lack of communication in the apartment. So two residents decided on their own initiative to pour a cup of coffee, but it soon turned into a real coffee fight. Not everyone agreed, coffee filters were even stolen to ruin things. You might think that wisdom comes with age, but that wasn’t the case with these ladies. The accusations flew back and forth, and when Victor brought them together for a good conversation, things didn’t get much better.

to end all affliction mr. Speeches of Frank Visser. After so many strong cups of coffee, he finally manages to filter the coffee drama, but not everyone sticks to the judgement when Victor comes over for a look a few months later. For example, I lost all the money from the cash register, which is about 10,000 euros. The court report has now been set there, but the most important thing is that people are finally laughing again in the apartment – also on Twitter.

the master. Frank Visser: How’s it going now? It can be watched every Wednesday at 8.30pm on SBS6. Watching Wednesday night’s episode Here Back.

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