Much Less Mortgage with NHG Guarantee | Financial issues

Much Less Mortgage with NHG Guarantee |  Financial issues

NHG calls this a worrying development, because the number of consumers at risk is increasing as a result. “It is precisely this group of consumers who do not have limited equity that is at risk.”

With the NHG Guarantee, homebuyers can insure themselves that their mortgage will be paid off in the event of their partner’s death or dissolution. Customers pay a one-time fee for this guarantee. In contrast, mortgage lenders offer a lower interest rate. NHG also guarantees that the mortgage can be repaid in the event of a sale at a loss.

safety net

The number of mortgages secured by NHG in the third quarter was down 21% compared to the same period last year. “Especially in times of rising home prices and upsell and the risks associated with it, the safety net is very important for the future,” says NHG Risk Manager Björn Junckerjo in his explanation. The solution, he says, is to create additional homes. Therefore, NHG is pleased that the outgoing Cabinet has set aside funds for next year’s budget.

cost limit

NHG announced in September that the cost limit will rise to €355,000 in 2022. With a projected average home price of €417,500, the number of available homes below the cost limit in 2022 will remain limited, according to NHG. According to Jonkergouw, increasing the additional cost limit is not a solution as it will not help the target group.

The NHG cost limit was raised from €310,000 to €325,000 on January 1, 2021. In 2019, the limit was still €290,000. NHG raises the cost limit once per year based on the median home price in June, July and August.

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