Google confirms Pixel 6 smartphones will charge at up to 21 to 23W – Tablets and Phones – News

“Google is not sold in Holland or Belgium,” the article states. While it is sold, however, at and

But these don’t sell a 30W charger.
Other than that, the charger itself is almost unavailable at retailers in Germany.

You can purchase any USB-PD charger that can deliver the required power (or more).

There are only two standards that stand out in fast charging: Qualcomm Quick Charge (which many smartphone brands with Qualcomm SoCs give its own marketing name) and USB Power Delivery. Most devices that do not use fast charging use USB Power Delivery. You are in no way associated with a single brand of power supply with both charging standards. The only thing you need to pay attention to about the power supply is what fast charging standards it supports, and what the maximum power it can provide.

Other than that, I would recommend the device to anyone who is a fan of Android. Tip: buy it in Germany with the pick up option, because that saves you some money.

This depends on where you live.

I also think the Pixel is expensive. An Android device for me should cost no more than 200-250 euros. I’m running LineageOS on it, so such a device lasts as long as a high-end device with official manufacturer support.

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