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Nintendo has released Update 15.0.0 for its Switch console. This update does not bring any major changes. Users can now take screenshots in the Switch Online app on the Switch home screen. Bluetooth audio settings have also been moved.

Nintendo reports in patch notes From version 15.0.0, users can take screenshots using the Switch Picture button in the Switch Online app, as the company shares information about its subscription service. However, the videos played in the app cannot be recorded. Additionally, the Bluetooth Audio option has been moved. It is now higher in system settings.

Moreover, the Bluetooth firmware for the Nintendo Switch Pro console has received an update, he says Replacing the oat dome with mud. Users will now also see a popup if they try to exceed the maximum volume of their headphones. These changes are not in Nintendo’s patch notes.

Previous Nintendo Switch Firmware Update appeared in March. The update added a feature that allows users to organize games and apps to switch to folders. Nintendo invites that feature combos.

Nintendo Switch Online App

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