Issa is scared of her house: “It’s too modern and too cramped”

Issa is scared of her house: ``It's too modern and too cramped''

At the beginning of the episode, Issa admits that she was at her new home this week and thought, “Why am I not entirely happy? [met het huis, red.]? “I soon discovered that she was ‘afraid’ of her home.” It’s very modern. It’s very narrow and not really who I am. So yeah, I’m a little scared. from the distress of my house.”

She tried many times to deal with her anxiety by changing things in her house, but to no avail. “Every time I try to do something about it, then I think: No, I’m going to make it tighter. But I didn’t know that well until now.” Meanwhile, things got so out of control that she no longer dared to do anything of herself with regard to the interior. “I don’t even dare hang a painting anywhere, because I’m afraid it’s a mistake. And then? Because those new walls and everything are so slippery.” She admits, “I have a lot of respect for home.”

So Issa decided to get help and advised her to add a little color to her home. “There’s also a lot of white. I don’t like that either.” Meanwhile, things are going in the right direction with Issei’s house and thus with her concerns as well. “Now I’ve really learned. I bought paint samples yesterday and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m going to do something with the mirrors between the windows to make it feel more spacious. I’d rather go home now and get a brush and do that. And I’d really love to have that back.” ”

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