Bonje in B&B Full of Love: Crying makes Monique pass

Bonje in B&B Full of Love: Crying makes Monique pass

The church service in Valdogia is in full swing, but without Monique: she is outside on her own, because that earns her so much. “So beautiful, but for me it was more difficult than I could have imagined,” she explains, crying. The last time she saw a church inside was during her grandfather’s funeral. It is not good with Vincent that Vincent does not come to visit her after she leaves the church. “I don’t know if he knew I was gone. I would probably have loved it if he had just been like him, where is she?”

When evening comes, it’s already crowded at Vincent’s B&B. Monique is already feeling battered after spending the day with the other two ladies, Marcella and Sophie. On Sunday evening it appeared that things were not going well between Monique and Sophie. The evening doesn’t go the way Vincent would like, so he sleeps feeling badly.

“The evening wasn’t very nice,” he says. “There was some frustration here and there. That’s mainly with Monique. She doesn’t get along well with Sophie, which doesn’t suit her. She also deals with that with me. She’s too fierce with me. I don’t. Like it that way. Cute.” .”

How obnoxious becomes really clear in the next episode. In the preview, Vincent says, “If I were to be so honest, I don’t think I would leave here with any lady.” If that’s okay…

Where Vincent’s B&B remains work in progress It is Jacob’s villa as a (brightly colored) house. But how did he actually get such a million dollars in sunny Albufeira? Rob tells you in the video below.

b & with love It airs every Monday through Thursday at 8.30pm on RTL4.

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