Parallels Desktop 17 is compatible with Apple and Intel chipsets and runs Windows 11 – Computer – News

The new version of Parallels Desktop 17 virtualization software to run Windows applications on a Mac provides support for Apple M1 soc chips and for Intel chips. The software supports macOS 12 Monterey and Windows 11.

new version From Parallels Desktop He was released. Virtualization software allows Windows to run on Apple computers. The new version works on both the Apple M1 soc and Intel chipsets and promises to be much faster than the previous version.

For example, the program should be seven times faster on OpenGL tasks. On a Mac with an M1 chip, Parallels promises up to 33 percent faster Windows 10 launch on Arm Insider Preview and up to 20 percent faster write performance when using Windows 10 on Arm Insider Preview. Also, DirectX 11 should work better. On Macs with an Intel CPU, 2D graphics in Windows should run up to 28 percent faster than Parallels Desktop 16.

Parallels Desktop 17 supports both Apple’s macOS12 Monterey host and guest operating systems, and it also supports Linux in Windows 11. Windows 11 preview can be run in Desktop 17. The only limitation is that M1 users are limited to running Windows on the Arm version.

The new version of the program also comes with a number of software improvements compared to its predecessor. Among other things, the program has an updated display driver for a better gaming experience on Windows. Desktop 17 also recognizes your Mac’s battery percentage in Windows and automatically turns on power saving mode when the battery is low.

Parallels Desktop 17 features a virtual RPM chip that enables BitLocker and Secure Boot to be used in Windows 10 and 11. . This window can then be minimized. Also, users can drag any text or images between Mac and Windows applications. Parallels promises better support for USB devices and better disk space management, especially in virtual machines.

Parallels has developed a special version of the Mac Pro software for developers and IT professionals. This version allows creating a virtual machine from a linked instance and this version contains a plugin optimized for Visual Studio.

Parallels Desktop 17 is available in three versions. A new subscription to the Standard Edition costs €80 per year, while a one-time purchase costs €100. Upgrading to the new version costs 50 euros. The Mac Pro desktop parallel costs $100 per year or $50 per year as an upgrade from the Standard Edition. The business version of Parallels Desktop 17 costs €100 per year.

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