Career Day puts TJ Watt into a very high-end company, and lets him shoot a record for one season

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

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As of late Friday afternoon, the Steelers midfielder was widely believed to be TJ Watt He will miss Sunday’s game against the Ravens due to a positive COVID test a week ago. Until late Sunday afternoon, Watt caused chaos.

Unexpectedly cleared after only a five-day absence, Watt had 3.5 high-ranking sacks against Baltimore, despite not practicing. Nor did he bite into the fake delivery in the game’s two-point try, as the quarterback faced off. Lamar Jackson And he forced his hand to throw a throw that came out of the hand of a narrow end Mark Andrews.

Here are today’s biggest developments. Watt now has 16 high-ranking bags. He also has four consecutive seasons containing 13 or more sacks. Only one other player did it. His name is Reggie White.

With five games remaining, Watt needs just 6.5 sacks to equal the one-season record of 22.5.

Can he do it? In fact he can. He has 16 sacks in only 10 matches (the Steelers lost both games). At that rate, he’d get eight in the last five. This means that it will end up with 24.0 bags.

Although the Steelers struggled in 2021, they would have struggled more than Don Watt, who should be considered the favorite to win Defensive Player of the Year and who is very likely to get some MVP votes if he breaks Michael Strahan’s vote. stained star Record and Wills of the Steelers to Postseason.

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