June 2, 2023

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LG will stop using the smartphone bootloader unlocking tool at the end of this year – tablets and phones – news

Why in the cold, if they want to open the lock can they do it right? If you only want to unlock when it hasn’t been possible for a while, well, you haven’t thought about it yourself…

But isn’t that exactly what customer service is all about: considering that your customers are just regular people?
See, it’s understandable that there’s a service end point, but these phones are still being sold as new.
What reasonable person would expect that if you now buy a new phone of a model that has only been on the market for a year, you should take action within three weeks to request such a code?
And that if you buy such a phone in a month, it will not be possible.

Now, in all fairness, it is the responsibility of the retailers, not LG, to ensure that no products are sold without support, but no retailer could have foreseen that.

And who knows the market a bit (and you can expect it from a company like LG), you know that unlocking is primarily used by people who want to give their old phones a new life. Of course LG would rather see them buy a new phone, but then we come to customer service again. You would expect a brand like LG to do more than the legal minimum. If not, it is not brand A but brand B that is very expensive. This is allowed, of course, each company has to make their own choices, but I think this is how you destroy your brand.