Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ get security update even though support ends – tablets and phones – news

Phones a few years ago were a lot slower or might only support 3G, you can’t compare a 10 year old phone and not current phones from recent years, many of which are a lot faster and easier to perform. It can go, provided one does some maintenance all these many years.
Expensive second-hand phones work especially well, cheap phones like the Moto G3 have been a bit slow until then, but cheap phones from the past few years, like the Moto G5 Plus, are a lot faster, “almost” compared to expensive phones at that. the time.

If the door in your house started beeping when it was opened and closed, would you throw that door or the entire house away and have it replaced? No, I put some oil in there. Or is your GPU always running hotter than it has been in years? But throw away? No, as long as the graphics are still working fine and the excessive heat (which is the maximum Celsius you can see with a Furmark) or performance drop is not due to heavy gaming the GPU can’t handle, replace the heat paste with cooling pads that have dried out.

You wouldn’t compare a Pentium 4 with Dual Core or Core2Duo, or with a 3rd generation i5 with so many new features and a nicer camera, would you?

If you now buy a second hand laptop with an Intel i5 2520M processor and 4GB of RAM, is that immediately bad because from 2011, no of course not, it still looks very smooth with Windows 10, of course with the HD graphics of this iGPU equalizer lacks some features, but that’s it, browsing, YouTube, many other things still work great, and when Windows 10 is no longer supported after 5 years, only Manjaro, Solus, Ubuntu, etc, a new battery of a few dozen And he can go forward again.

Are you going to say that 5 years from now, we just have to get rid of all those billions of electronics that run so fast, and we have to use a lot of natural materials for new devices? No, Microsoft doesn’t say these systems are bad, because they want to make more money with the manufacturers, just install some Linux distribution there and replace the battery on the laptop or the CMOS battery or whatever hits it and this thing can go for it 5-10 years other.

No, which sets a life span of 2-3 years (if you ignore that some people are giving up their expensive devices, walk around a broken pane of glass, which has dropped dramatically in recent years from 2015 to now since people have become more and more cautious after trying unpleasant before, which often still does not stop the phone from working) Is the battery, few people do this to replace their battery, it is often not impossible, but it becomes very annoying or difficult with the shutdown or in the Apple with the type ID What, with all the reasons such as waterproofing, making the phone thin, protection from a low-quality battery, while the same manufacturer may have chosen the same low-quality batteries.

A battery could cost $15-30, a new phone for $300-800 every two years, behind a low-looking price tag of $8-17 a month for a subscription, which sounds like you’re not spending much, but people can be myopic or do like Good boy that the supplier or manufacturer says and replenishes it with a new device, thus ignoring those high costs in a short period of time (because they would if they had paid that high in one time. Because they couldn’t afford it), they notice when their wallets get smaller later And they have to save a lot to get enough to get something done.

Replacing the battery will help their phone run less hot, respond faster, stay on longer, etc.
I remember when you could open a cover on the back and replace the battery, without any hassles…

What also helps is when people clean software on their phones, especially those thousands of tabs in their browser which also makes their phones slow when working with the browser.

But well, what can sometimes make a phone worse is some bad manufacturer software, poor testing, and assembling firmware updates from phone manufacturers, which sometimes bring annoying bugs or suddenly remove features that people have been loving for years. If it becomes a lot less, so that the experience isn’t ruined or badly tweaked, that would be great, because the only thing that really interests me are security patches, new Android releases, or major manufacturer software changes. I don’t care at all, apart from the longer Play Store support, I don’t want those new versions, because they can bring annoying changes and remove cool and useful features.

So I would like to see security patches, Android versions, manufacturer software updates, mainly major changes to the interface, features and other things, which were separate, and hopefully even in each package and patch. I can then choose if I just want to install only Android patches and things will mostly continue to work, and the other person can put their new Android version and/or manufacturer software on them with whatever major change they’ve made.
Because in the end, the security patches are the most important, I think people should get 6 or more, so even if the new Android version or the new manufacturer software is no longer available on the old phone, security patches should still be able On.

Especially because there are many people who buy a phone once, and will use it for many years, banking, authentication apps, DigiD, personal photos, email, etc., but they don’t have the money to buy a new phone and also working with computers is very complicated, so The custom ROM installation will not work.

Which also helps sometimes to soft reset your phone or reset apps/delete storage as they might have some bugs where it gets stuck after a new firmware update, which only goes out after a full reset.

What also helps sometimes is downgrading to the previous firmware version (just might not have important new security patches), or switching to a custom ROM like LineageOS, Resurrection Remix, Pixel Experience, etc. (of course if most bugs are fixed, and you which you might miss out on things like potential banking apps and Netflix, which “might” work via Magisk), because then you just have your own control over what you can do on it, for the camera you can use GCam with the profile that uses all your cameras, And can you keep doing firmware updates with security patches until everyone’s phone breaks due to age after 10-20 years…

No, this myopic economy is really bad, we can’t tamper with natural materials forever, which will eventually expire or become more difficult and more expensive to find and use.

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