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Negative news touches some people personally because they’ve been discriminated against in any way in their lives, so don’t think a gesture towards players is so weird.

They have now come up with a lot of PR texts where the question is whether any of this will actually follow, mods to the games they go too far in my opinion and a number of new items in the in-game stores for which you can pay a lot of euros. You must pay. You don’t have to be a genius to know that these scripts are being released only because they have seen +-8 billion worth evaporate in the stock market after lawsuits.

They could have said that “This is not what you would expect from us as a company and we are driven to do better in the future, here you have a €xx voucher or free in-game items.” You’re already creating more goodwill with the players, so they can (Maybe) Gain more confidence in the company and the products it launches, Because Activision-Blizzard usually makes no concessions at all.

No, you will receive the dispatch item if you 6 months paid subscription or this buy loose In the in-game store for €15:
https: //news.blizzard.com… from -a-6-month-subscription

It has happened so often Battle.net login servers looked likeHave you ever seen a refund from Blizzard for this? The majority of people only have a few hours a day/week to play a game, it is very annoying if they cannot play and then no form of compensation is offered.

which team FFXIV Business has already shown several times that it concerned with the product they are working on, Connected Feel the base of players and players meet to If they make a mistake/miscalculation somewhere.

Square Enix Show them how to do it, they build goodwill even if it isn’t necessary in all cases, they listen to feedback and they give players something in return for the trust they put in them.

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