Austria: a fine of 2,000 euros for not being vaccinated on the street. do not pay? One year in private prison

Austria: a fine of 2,000 euros for not being vaccinated on the street.  do not pay?  One year in private prison

In Austria, they are currently repeating the tricks they learned in the 1930s and 1940s – after the Anschluss, which they welcomed into that country with open arms. Because unvaccinated citizens who dare to take to the streets can be fined 2,000 euros. And if they don’t pay the fascist, tyrannical and delinquent fine? Then they can be sentenced to one year in prison. In a “special” prison.

Concentration camp much?

Can we finally make the comparison with World War II? Because if you’re still in denial that this madness is starting to sound suspicious, you’re out of your mind. As Raisa Blommestijn reported on Twitter, they really do repeat history in Austria.

“If anyone still has doubts about the situation in Austria: a fine of 2,000 euros for each time you are caught as an unprotected person, and if you do not pay the fine, you can be imprisoned in a special prison for up to a year.”

“Where is the reaction of Dutch politicians and media?” Then you write again.

Well, of course there is no response. Because they plan to do the same all over Europe; They will carry out their Covid tyranny everywhere. They look step by step at what the citizens accept. If we accept step (a), then step (b) follows. then c. Followed by Dr. And so it continues until all freedom is completely gone and we are no longer citizens, but slaves of the system.

So no, Dutch politicians and media will of course not respond at all. They want to do the same with us. Let them try this in Austria, and then “we” can do it later. Or at least see if we can get away with it.

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