Strict entry rules for Americans bar KLM

Twenty months later he was able to fly back to the United States from Schiphol

As a result of the new entry rules for Americans, KLM will have to cancel multiple routes to the United States. Anyone traveling to Schiphol from the United States should be isolated here for ten days with or without vaccinations. As other European countries do not go that far, travelers are expected to pick up foreign competitors. KLM is that the new Dutch requirements for the United States are useless and unequal.

Travel advice for the United States will change from yellow to orange tomorrow. The Netherlands qualifies the United States as the most dangerous region. Therefore passengers should be isolated ten days after arrival at Schiphol, or five days if the test is taken halfway with a negative result. From Monday, passengers will have to undergo a corona test before departure. Also (fully) vaccinated travelers must meet strict entry rules.

Three lock

The new requirements of the Dutch government are a barrier to KLM. A spokesman called the decision a significant step backwards. “Other EU member states, such as Italy, France and Belgium, did not put three locks on the door from the United States. As a result, KLM was forced to cancel scheduled new flights from Amsterdam to Miami and Las Vegas until further notice. “

KLM will fly to twelve US destinations from winter starting in late October. So now there are nine. A good network in the United States is important for KLM. In the United States, passengers are transferred from partner Delta Airlines to flights. Schiphol also has serious collaboration and relocation of KLM flights to European, African and Middle Eastern destinations.

Parliamentary Questions

The House of Representatives also has doubts about the proportions of the Dutch decision. D66 has raised questions for the Ministers of Infrastructure and Public Health. The party wants to know why vaccinated passengers should still be isolated.

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