Bellator 279 Scores: Live Streaming of Play-by-Play Updates | Cyborg vs Blinko 2

Bellator 279 Scores: Live Streaming of Play-by-Play Updates |  Cyborg vs Blinko 2

Bellator MMA will stage its second event several nights later TONIGHT (Saturday, April 23, 2022) as Bellator 279 descends from inside the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. The event topped the women’s featherweight title fight as Cris Cyborg defends her belt against Arlene Blencowe for the second time. Also, the Bantamweight Grand Prix kicks off with Patchy Mix with Kyoji Horiguchi. In the co-main event, Juan Archuleta will battle Raufeon Stots in the bantamweight title fight.

Bellator 279’s main card will air on Showtime at 10:30 p.m. ET, with the bottom card “Prelims” going live at 8 p.m. ET. Full card results and overall play will be delivered to the televised part of 279- Masoud less.

Many readers check in before, during and after fights to share their thoughts on all the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 279) about spells and chat with all the other lunatics during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

Bellator 279 Quick Result:

145 lbs: Champion Chris Cyborg vs. Arleen Blinko – Cyborg by unanimous decision (Highlights)
135 lbs: Rovion Stouts against Juan Archuleta – Stotts win by knockout in the third round (Highlights)
125 lbs: Elma Lee MacFarlane against. Justin Kish – Kish by unanimous decision
135 lbs: Patchi mixture against. Koji Horiguchi Mix by unanimous decision
155 lbs: Emmanuel Sanchez against. Yancy Medeiros – Medeiros by unanimous decision
170 lbs: Jyoti Yamauchi against Lifan Chukeli – Yamauchi, first round submission (arm bar)
155 lbs: Keoni Diggs against Bobby King – King by Divided Decision
145 lbs: Janay Harding Against Diane Silva – Silva by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Kai Kamaka III Against Justin Gonzalez – Gonzalez via split decision
155 lbs: Lance Gibson Junior vs Nino-dong – Gibson Jr by unanimous decision
120 lbs: Randy Field against. Maria Miller – field via 2nd round submission (naked rear throttle)
135 lbs: Ryan Dela Cruz vs Jordan Winskey – Winksy via unanimous decision
125 lbs: Sumiko Inaba vs Whitney Biles – Inaba via first round knockout

Bellator 279 Play by Play

Champion Chris Cyborg vs. Arleen Blinko

Round 1: Cyborg lands with a pair of hands. Blencowe stays in the pocket, exchanging blows with a cyborg. Nice kick to the body from the hero. Cyborg pushed Blencowe toward the fence. knees to thigh. High kicks landing in favor of a cyborg. Hawk left from cyborg. Blinko’s right hand is nice. A cyborg lands with his huge right hand and brings down Blencowe. Cyborg goes to kill but Blencowe survives. Pause in action as the referee says a cyborg crushed opponent to the head. Not sure if at some point it was pulled from a cyborg. Action resumes and Cyborg gets the removal decision. The head kick lands in favor of a cyborg. Blencowe survives a tough first round. 10-9 Cyborg

Round 2: Cyborg attacks the advanced man, Blencoe attacks with his right hand. Cyborg is coming. Double hit from the hero. It looks like a cyborg is bleeding from her ear. Blencowe goes downstairs with a kick from the inside. Cybor with his powerful right hand, halts Blencowe’s forward momentum. Cyborg changes levels and goes into the elimination process, stuffed. He grabs a cyborg and pushes Blencowe toward the cage. Cyborg still tries to take down but Blencowe escapes. Blencowe is now cut above her left eye. Nice right hand goes down for Blencowe. Looks like a cyborg has damage to her left eye. All of these ladies are throwing bombs! Cyborg missed a high kick but Blenko received a powerful shot to close out the round. 10-9 cyborg.

Round Three: A kick to the head by a cyborg, followed by a kick in the legs. Cyborg’s left eye appears to be swollen. Beautiful leg kicks from The Challenger. Cyborg returns fire the same. Inside leg kick from cyborg territory. Blencowe marks the Cyborg with a left hook and loses her balance on the canvas. Cyborg smiles and recovers. Forward kick from a cyborg. The right hand is nice right down the tube for Blencowe. Both of these ladies are caught, bloodshot, and bruised. Cyborg runs a lead leg again. Right lift from cyborg. The head kick was blocked by Blencowe. Kick inside the leg of the hero. Cyobrg’s outside leg kick, checked by Blencowe, who lunged with a one-to-two. Blencowe presses, cyborg does not hold back. Close tour. 10-9 Blinko

Round 4: Who fought this fight back to the tournament rounds? The front kick starts for a cyborg. Blencowe throws his curled right hand. Nice right hand from Blenco. Cyborg runs back on the main leg, spattering. The right hand goes down to a cyborg. Blencowe knocks out the cyborg’s balance again, and the fence keeps her. Cyborg acquires Blencowe and takes her on a journey with a huge suplex. Brock Lesnar would be proud. Side control now for Cyborg. A cyborg working with an arm, Kimura’s possible attempt. Blencowe tries to get away. North-South position for Cyborg, back to lateral control. She allows it. Blencowe throws a wild right right, doesn’t land. He was shot in the body due to Blinko’s injury. A kick to the stomach from a cyborg, I follow with a powerful blow that brings down the flow. They trade in the center of the cage as the round ends. 10-9 Cyborg

Round 5: Nice kick from Blenko. Inside leg kick from a cyborg. Right hand solid rock cyborg Blencowe, who is still hanging there. It is one of the tough cookies. Another right hand brings back a faltering Blencowe. A head kick from a cyborg. Still ahead, Blencowe ate his left hand. Spin back kick for cyborg. Gap from cyborg. Forehand kick from cyborg ground. A set of three punched Blencowe rattles. Blencowe scores with his left hand. Blincoe’s eye is bleeding heavily. Cyborg’s inner leg kick, it has been going this way well all night. Blencowe challenges cyborg to stand up and strike in the center of the cage. Cyborg suing her jab. Blencowe presses, sensing that she needs to finish. A cyborg with a huge left hand. Blencowe is bleeding profusely as the fight ends. 10-9 Cyborg

The end result: defeating a cyborg. Blencowe by unanimous decision

Rovion Stouts against. Juan Archuleta

Round 1: Stots marks Archuleta on the spot. They come out swinging hard early. Archuleta stumbles forward. Intense pace to start this title fight. Archuleta changes levels and lands a massive elimination on the Stots. Archuleta has a tight grip on the Stots, and doesn’t do much with that attitude. Stott fires a few pop shots, nothing important. Archuleta tries to grab his wrist. Back on the feet, Archuleta still has a grip of Stots. Archuleta tries to get another takedown, Stots showing a great defense. The spots are able to be serrated. Archuleta comes with a two-punch set. Archuleta cut above his left eye. Stots changes levels and gets removed. Stots take Archuleta’s back. The Spaniard escapes but Stots has his back again to conclude the round. Close tour. 10-9 Archuleta

Round two: Archuleta opens up and increases pressure, Archuleta is swinging with bad intentions here. One – two goes down for Stots. Three straight strokes of archuleta. Nice left hand lands for Archuleta. Kick on the body from the stouts. Body shots upstairs from The Spaniard. Archuleta runs for takedown, and Stotts defended well. Work against the fence. Archulete looking for a flight, Stots shows a great defense of elimination. Tears create separation. Archuleta rushes in, Stos changes his level and scores a takedown, but Archuleta quickly wakes up. Archulete pushes Stots up against the cage, and has a double under the hooks. Stots defends well, and Archuleta is looking for one man. Great balance from Stots. Archuleta is relentless, but he doesn’t get the takedown this time. 10-9 Archuleta

Round Three: Archulete with two straight hooks. Stouts unleashes a big kick out of nowhere and sets off an Archuleta! He goes for the kill and gets it after several follow-up shots. Wonderful! It came out of nowhere. After further revision, it was the knee that was caught by Archuleta. Stots is the new interim Bantamweight champion.

The end result: Stots def. Archuleta by Knockout

Elma Lee MacFarlane vs Justin Kish

Round 1: Macfarlane instantly changes levels and shoots the takedown. Kish defended well, who now had his “Pineapple Princess” facing the fence. Kish takes her down and they come back again. MacFarlane now separates and Kish blows onto his massive left hand at the break. Macfarlne trying to get close to the distance, find her range. Double hit from Hawaii. Cheats from Kish, but not much movement. Right hand upstairs to MacFarlane. Both ladies are a bit tentative. One two up to MacFarlane. Kish throws, but only catches the air. MacFarlane’s gentle body left hook, followed by a head stroke. Kish tags Macfarlane with a left hook. Kish throws her hits from a distance and won’t cut them. 10-9 MacFarlane

Round Two: One – Two of Kish. Macffarlne lands with his left hand sneaking upstairs. MacFarlane shoots Kish and has a front choke. Seems tight but MacFarlane fell on her back, forcing Kish to let go. Kish locked it again as he pressed hard. MacFarlane appears to be fine here. Kish stands up, tries to get up but MacFarlane pulls her down by one of her legs. Now she is looking for ankle lock, Kish is back on her feet. Kick in the leg from Kish. Macfarlane again goes for takedown but Kish stuffs it. MacFarlane knees on her body and Kish lowers her. Kish is now in MacFarlane’s guard. Two minutes left. Kish drops some elbows, nothing falls cleanly. MacFarlane tries to escape, but Kish holds on too tight, and drops some blows from the top position. Kish gets up and lets her opponent get up. strange. Nice left hand up to Kish. MacFarlane, right overhead line, right counter from Kish Island. 10-9 Kish

Third round: One piece must be tied in the last round. It’s anyone’s ball game. Macfarlane opens with a calf kick. MacFarlane oaths Kish by raising the right hand. Double hit from Hawaii. Kish with a wild swing, he picks up the air again. Kish with a big smile on her face, MacFarlane circles him, trying to close the distance. Beautiful leg kicks from Kish. MacFarlane stuns Kish with his right hand, and drops it with his right hand, but Kish somehow manages to grab it and get the takedown. She is now in side control. Two minutes left in the fight. Kish landing body shots, MacFarlane needs to get up. Kish puts her in the cross and shoots her in the face. Half guarded now for Kish. A whole mountain of Kish Island. MacFarlane turns her back and Kish has an arm. Try Omoplata now for Kish. These ladies are now devious in an awkward position, and MacFarlane jostles as she regains Kish’s back over time. 10-9 Kish

The end result: Kish defeated. MacFarlane by unanimous decision

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