The Hawks cut four, waived/hit another to reach the 80-man limit on the NFL roster

The Hawks cut four, waived/hit another to reach the 80-man limit on the NFL roster

The Falcons made a series of roster moves Tuesday afternoon to meet the 80-player roster limit now mandated by the NFL this week.

And the team announced the exclusion of Odin Tate, Jeronimo Allison, defensive back Lafayette Bates and outside back Connie Ding, and defensive line player Galen Dalton was waived due to injury.

There are some bigger names in this group, including a few potential contenders for a place on the original 53-man roster.

Dalton was in that group, training with Units 1 and 2 to establish a role in the defensive line rotation. He started Monday’s pre-season game against the Jets – Grady Jarrett didn’t play – and lost over 16 defensive shots.

Injury clearly played a role here, although details about it may have to wait until Arthur Smith’s next press conference on Wednesday afternoon. If Dalton clears waivers, he will return to the injured Hawks’ reserve and miss the season unless an injury settlement is reached.

Tate was signed to free agency and was thought to be a contender for the important shots, but the 6-foot-5 veteran was typically with the lower units and was behind the other options in the position group. Alisson was signed after his junior camp experience for the rookie team and emerged as a playmaker.

Ding was an undeveloped free agent from Cal and a relatively long shot to make up the list. Bates joined the Falcons’ coaching team on November 10, 2021 and was promoted to last season’s game. He fought an uphill battle to earn a place in the array of competitive positions.

The Hawks have other pieces on the list, and they need to be trimmed to 53 on August 30th.

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