Bad pre-market, but the good news we still have the Fed

Nikserig voorbeurs, maar goed nieuws en we hebben de Fed nog

Congratulations, we don’t have months as good as last January very often.

See the second to last column. Stolen image from Corné van Zeijl, save me again. Italians treat you to delicious coffee and something very tasty with it, and Hong Kongers serve delicious street food tonight.

By the way, one AEX index poor +0.2% after a nice Wall Street. Waiting for the Fedis called back on the networks.

Perhaps our manufacturers are getting lucky, as the NASDAQ 100 rose and the SOX Semiconductor Index rose 1.9% yesterday. Homing pigeons from Asia have just arrived:

Alibaba + 2.6%
Tencent +1.1%
TSMC +1.6%
Samsung + 1.3%
(Al Adani – 5.3%)

Broad market now:

  • European futures opened just 0.2% higher
  • American colors 0.1% red
  • In Asia, everything from a few tenths to a percentage is green
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) is -2.7% at 18.4
  • The dollar fell 0.1% to 1.0874
  • Gold, oil, and cryptocurrency are all nearly flat and rarely seen

Interest rates do not move in heaven and earth either:

Away from the press, the National Manufacturing PMI – Nevi PMI – for February shows a recovery. We are already approaching the neutral boundary of 50. Below that there is a recession and below 45 there is a true recession. Above that there is growth and above 55 there is a boom.

From Nephi’s press release and if someone named Swart sees the bright side – the last line – then he must be fine?

At the beginning of the month we do this with a global PMI tour. China’s national PMIs are better than expected, but Caixin is not. Taiwan is bad, India is okay and the Chicago PMI is too volatile to say anything meaningful about the ISM manufacturing index.

The alarm is 8pm today, because then, according to collective expectations, the Fed will add a quarter interest. In the half-hour press conference, Chairman Jerome Powell updates us on the economy, inflation and employment and asks questions about why the Fed sees things differently from the market.

What’s Next? The stock market believes that interest rates will not rise above 5.00%, contrary to the quotes of Federal Reserve officials. The market believes that interest rates will peak in March.

Everything is basically falling and standing with inflation and that is again the market expectation. They are a little stagnant. In the group of household items, the euro and the dollar, because tomorrow we have the European Central Bank’s decision on the interest rate between the sliding doors.

Meanwhile in Boulder

Speaking of stagnation and the starting kit, the bars on the AEX chart have been playing ball ball in recent weeks. There is no clear direction now. Interest rates may rise cautiously again, which is not good for (developing) stocks on paper.

T-Mobile and Altria are there, but there aren’t many big companies that have annual numbers today. Meta exists at 22:00. Well, the chart is a bit bloated, but is the leak over yet? Everything is definitely less, but it’s still a lot. Here is a tip and price target Van Niels Kuertz and the Tik Tok name drops.

Snap got wet by 15% again yesterday [censuur] Preparation… That is, it does not issue a forward-looking view. Not very useful for growth stock.

News, tips and short agenda

Top ABM Financial news since yesterday’s Amsterdam close.

  • 08:13 ABN AMRO is looking for an Operations Manager
  • 08:08 Opening slightly higher AEX ahead
  • 07:50 Berenberg firmly raises ASMI’s price target
  • 07:48 Ebusco buses are included in the UGAP offer
  • 07:36 Dutch industry is shrinking only slightly
  • 06:56 European stock markets open higher
  • 06:51 Chinese industry is contracting a little bit less
  • 06:49 Japanese industry continues to contract
  • 06:46 Stock Exchange agenda: foreign funds
  • 06:46 Stock Exchange Agenda: Macroeconomics
  • 06:45 Exhibition agenda: Dutch companies
  • Stock Market Update Jan. 31: AEX is on Wall Street
  • January 31 Electronic Arts disappointing
  • January 31st Snap does not give a forward look
  • January 31, cost and weak PC market hit AMD
  • January 31, Wall Street closes higher
  • Oil prices rose on January 31
  • January 31, Wall Street won
  • January 31 European stock markets close divided
  • January 31 Avantium nominates two supervisory directors

AFM reports this Shorts:

schedule of work:

22:00 Platforms – Q4 Numbers (US)

11:00 inflation – jan vlpg (euros)
1:00 PM Mortgage Applications – Weekly (US)
2:15 PM ADP Jobs Report – January (US)
4:00 PM – Jobs – December (US)
4:00 PM Building Expenses – December (US)
4:30 PM Oil Inventories – Weekly (US)
20:00 Fed – interest rate decision (USA)
00:00 OPEC + technical committee meeting (no official decision)

Then this

A great day:

Looking to the future then:

See my Plot from yesterday but:

This is what I like:

+4% yesterday:

Feeling very uncomfortable:

we are lucky?

New technology pole?

Enjoy and good luck today.

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