The US, Canada and Australia have imposed new economic sanctions on Myanmar

FILE PHOTO: Anti-coup protester looks out through a barricade during a protest against the military rule, in Yangon

Washington will impose sanctions on the Union Election Commission, mining companies, energy officials and current and former military officials, the statement said. The move will be coordinated with Great Britain, Canada and Australia.

Canada and Australia imposed further sanctions on Tuesday.

Myanmar’s top generals staged a coup in February 2021 after five years of tense power-sharing under a quasi-civilian political system created by the military.

The country has been in turmoil ever since, with an opposition movement fighting the military on multiple fronts following a bloody crackdown on opponents that saw Western sanctions reimposed.

Today’s US action targets the director and deputy director of the state-owned Myanmar Oil and Gas Corporation (MOGE), according to a Treasury Department statement.

Human rights activists have called for sanctions against Myanmar’s oil and gas companies. The sector is a major source of income for the junta.

And Union Energy Minister Myo Myint Oo, according to the Ministry of Finance, represents the Myanmar government in international and domestic agreements in the energy sector and leads state-owned companies involved in oil and gas production and export. to be appointed.

Both Mining Enterprise No. 1 and Mining Enterprise No. 2 are state-owned enterprises and the Union Election Commission will also face sanctions.

The army has promised that the elections will be held in August this year. On Friday, the ruling body announced tougher requirements, including a massive increase in membership, for parties seeking to contest the polls.

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