Samsung and SK Hynix Allow Export of Chip Manufacturing Equipment from US to China – IT Pro – News

Huawei and other tech companies are banned without public proof

There was insufficient evidence and no state connection (we ignore for a moment the taking of 2 Canadians hostage :) )
I’m not going to bother retrieving all the articles.

Their legs are cut out from under the chair

You say how China has seen its legs out from under our chair by not adhering to WTO rules…-wto-commitments-and-its/

. Clipping a growing number 1 is a battle

A demographic catastrophe -> Housing market built on population growth when this didn’t happen -> 30% of GDP in same housing market -> A lot of Chinese wealth is in bricks, which are now falling in value.

A water problem has not abated, with genocide and dictatorship as the biggest trading partners and now it is clear that the rules of the World Trade Organization are not being followed, which is not even the intention.

I think the CCP is essentially cutting off their own legs :).

No one can tell you what might or might not have happened in Wuhan, probably not even the Chinese, unless they (or want to) explore some avenues.

The answer may be thanks to the Chinese government’s incompetence (shutting down their own cities but allowing international flights to fly, systematically denying airspace when it’s already been proven) and more. . So no, a virus escaped or arose, that could happen, but that’s not the problem :).

However, this did not lead to the implosion of the system that opponents had so desperately hoped for.

Why would this lead to an implosion of the organization, no, I don’t predict an implosion because they built a perfect police state (all those who participated in the white paper protests have since disappeared or been arrested).

We in the Netherlands stand for human rights, we cannot demand that every country be like us, but they cannot demand that we trade with countries that we fundamentally disagree with, and the Chinese government has shown that they will never follow the WTO. Rules and, above all, deal with me and others.

The countries you might be suspicious of your friends (North Korea – Iran – Russia) never thought why they are their only friends because their neighbors now hate them too. Surely the western media is to blame for all this? Or does it have something to do with China deciding that people from Vietnam and the Philippines can’t use their own territory?

Perhaps a new Tiananmen fear is overwhelming or nihilistic, with almost nothing happening on the street.

Not talking to Chinese people?
No, if you try to arrange something, there is already a good surveillance that it is not possible because you will be arrested. If you object, everyone in that WeChat group will be visited. From the police (I witnessed it myself) whether they really want to take the train to Beijing_ So protests are rare because control is much better than it was 30 years ago.

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