“A father (60) kills his daughter’s lover after selling her to a prostitution gang” | Abroad

"A father (60) kills his daughter's lover after selling her to a prostitution gang" |  Abroad

During October, officers found human remains in the trunk of an abandoned car in Spokane, Washington, according to a police press release. It turned out to be a young man of 19 years old. Soon, investigators found a suspect in the murder: John Eisenman (60), the father of the murdered boy’s girlfriend.

Agents suspect that the young man was murdered by Eisenman a year earlier, in November 2020. He had learned a month earlier that his underage daughter had been sold to a Seattle-area prostitution ring. According to the police, he received information that her ex-boyfriend had done so, and was able to pick her up and bring her home that same month, the New York Post reported.

John Eisenman.

John Eisenman.


But Eisenman wanted revenge, according to police. When he met the 19-year-old in Airway Heights, he kidnapped him, tied him up, and dumped him in the trunk of a car. He hit him several times on the head with a cement block and stabbed him with a knife. After the murder, he drove into a remote area of ​​North Spokane and left the car there with the body.” Police said the car remained there and was only returned to Spokane last month. The body was found when it drove into the abandoned car.

Eisenman is now charged with murder and will be held until his trial. A $1 million bail has been secured. As someone who pays for him, he may wait for his trial at home. Online fundraising for dad started. “Many consider him a hero for what he did,” the page reads.

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