Mass exemption begins: ‘Only those vaccinated from next month will be allowed to fly to the United States’

Mass exemption begins: 'Only those vaccinated from next month will be allowed to fly to the United States'

From November 8, you can only enter the United States if you have been fully vaccinated. Anyone who wants to go on vacation to the United States or go to the country for work should be vaccinated from that date, in addition, you can show a negative corona test before your flight. This raises the question of why those who are not vaccinated are still excluded.

Non-US citizens or non-US residents must be vaccinated to enter the country by November 8. The only exceptions are minors and those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons Reports

The question of which major country will close its borders first has been in the air for some time Unvaccinated Foreigners. Well, O-America seems to be at the forefront of not having so much freedom. The White House announced last night that stricter entry rules would apply. Airlines must comply with these rules and therefore strictly check the vaccination status of the population.

Aside from the fact that you have to be vaccinated from November 8 to go to the US, you can also show a proper negative corona test. This is very significant because if you are not vaccinated and show a negative test, do you also show that you are not a risk to your fellow passengers?

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There it thinks White House Apparently different. As in other Western countries, the impetus for vaccination is increasing all the time. Those who are not vaccinated for any reason are increasingly barred in terms of freedom of movement. Even independent America goes with this madness.

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