NDP Representative Jones: Minister Ramadanin is psychologically unstable, and this man is lying

Ebu Jones

NDP MP Ebo Jones finds Suriname’s Health Minister Amar Ramadan emotionally unstable. According to the politician, the minister indicated in a radio interview that he (Jones) applied for the position of policy advisor at Mongra Nickerie Medical Center (MMC) and was not accepted. That is why in recent days, out of anger, the NDP member strongly criticized Ramadan regarding the approach to the health problems that arose due to the development of massive smoke in Wageningen.

Jones denies that he ever applied for such a position. “This Minister is emotionally unstable. Because only when you are emotionally unstable do you make a lie your own lie. This man is lying. Let that Minister with his big mouth come with an application letter and show that I once applied for a job with him in connection with MMC. Moreover “That, policy advisor? I’m an ambassador and an ambassador is much higher than a political advisor.”

The actor wonders why he would want to apply for a job in an organization like MMC where the management is incompetent.

“We also know that the Minister of Health is incompetent. Because since he was in charge of the Ministry, judge for yourself what happened to medical care in Suriname. Healthcare in Suriname is at the bottom. So because he believes that the minimum costs in the emergency department in Wageningen have been temporarily suspended, and that he is contributing to the chaos that is now happening there?

Where they do not act adequately as a government. Moreover, that minister is lying to the point of believing his own lie. “This kind of lying should be punished in such a way that the minister will not say anything the next time he has nothing special to say,” Jones said.

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According to Jones, there is information that “government officials, along with businessmen, have plans to prepare areas for rice cultivation.” For this reason, the areas of Wageningen were set on fire. He believes that this is the cause of the fires.

He calls on the government to investigate this matter. According to the National Party member, the information is available on the street. Minister Parmanand Sodhiyan called on LVV to expose this in the National Assembly.

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