Spring gets quieter: birds can be heard less in spring

Spring gets quieter: birds can be heard less in spring

This is evidenced by research from the University of East Anglia that Posted yesterday. It was already known that biodiversity was declining worldwide and this was also the case with birds. And if there are fewer birds, it stands to reason that they can be heard less often.

Rich and complex song

but, write researchers, This relationship is not direct. “The loss of species such as the dome of the sky and the nightingale, which sing a rich and complex song, has a greater impact than the loss of the roaring calls of a crow or geese.” It also depends on the number of birds and species present in the area.

Because audio recordings have not been made consistently in the same places over 25 years, researchers have developed a new technique to mimic them. They have used bird censuses for the past 25 years and a Voice Recording Database of birds in the wild.


In this way, the researchers reconstructed the so-called intact landscapes of more than 200,000 places in Europe and North America. By comparing the sounds and number of birds for each region per year, the researchers concluded that fewer birds could be heard.

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