Ben Simmons has told Daryl Morey he’s not yet ready to play, and hasn’t accepted off-field help from 76 players, according to reports.

Ben Simmons has told Daryl Morey he's not yet ready to play, and hasn't accepted off-field help from 76 players, according to reports.

things in between Philadelphia 76ers And Ben Simmons It’s still far from smooth. After ending his detention and returning to Philadelphia last month, Simmons told The Sixers that He wasn’t mentally ready yet to play. Since then, The Sixers have said all the right things publicly, and privately they have provided Simmons with out-of-court resources to help him make up his mind. However, Simmons did not accept this help, nor did he keep The Sixers in the ring when it came to his status, according to Ramona Shelburne from ESPN.

Here’s what Shelburne had to say during his appearance on ESPN’s “NBA Today” on Tuesday:

There was growing frustration, according to people close to the situation, that Ben hadn’t accepted any of the help the team gave him in terms of helping him with his mental preparation. He’s been working with mental health professionals through the player’s association, but so far I’m told he hasn’t kept the team in the loop about that, and there’s frustration building there. They want to know. So far, he has just done individual work with some of their position coaches, is no longer with the team, and has not given the team any updates on what he is doing to get back and get himself back with the team and participate in team activities.

Team boss Daryl Morey approached Simmons on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of returning to play, but Simmons told him he was still not mentally prepared to return to the ground, according to Shams Al Shaaraniya Athlete. The 76ers would like feedback from Simmons about the work he is doing to improve the situation, but they have not requested details about his conversations with mental health professionals, according to Charania.

Shelburne also added that there is absolutely no timeline when it comes to returning to The Simmons. Obviously, the two sides still don’t see eye to eye, with Simmons still wanting to be traded and the Sixers wanting Simmons to fit in. During a Philadelphia radio appearance late last month, Morey made it clear That the team remains firm in its position – they want Simmons to play, and will only trade him if the move is beneficial to the team for the time being.

“We expect Ben to come and move toward being able to help us on the ground because we know we’re a better team with Ben Simmons and we know that’s the best plan for the team,” Morey said. “This is a very good player, and in order to give ourselves the best chance of winning the title, you need different builders. You don’t need role players.

“Right now, whatever kind of trade Ben Simmons obviously wants, the best thing we can do is get the players back. That doesn’t make sense. It wouldn’t give us a better chance of winning the title if we were to move Ben Simmons for the role players. So “People better hang on. That’s going to take a long time because our only way, my only job is to help us have the best chance of winning the title. Ben Simmons is the difference maker until you get him again, he’ll help us win the title If we can replace Ben Simmons with a difference maker, We’ll do it. I think it’s best for everyone in this situation.”

Given the current situation, the situation is still very far from being resolved. Meanwhile, the Sixers got off to a solid start to the season sans Simmons. They’ve won five of their first seven games, and have had the best attacking attack in the NBA in two weeks on the job.

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