Yvonne Jaspers finally appears in the photo with Peter | show

Yvonne Jaspers finally appears in the photo with Peter |  show

videoHe doesn’t like publicity and cameras, but Yvonne Jaspers really has a guy. Pieter turns out to be a welcome helper at Yvon’s farm, as well as a group of friendly farmers.

In a video on the Facebook page of the NPO our farm You can see how Yvonne and Peter roll up their sleeves together. They put the seeds in small containers. “We won’t get rich from that,” Peter concludes about “farming.” ‘Very happy,’ says Yvonne. “I think I am very happy here sometimes. And that all of these farmers have that too. That there are days when you are very happy where you are and what you do, and that you are willing to work hard for those other days.”

The couple agree that they want to keep the farm for a year anyway. ‘We have no choice,’ Peter says.

Years ago, Yvonne’s farming heart was beating faster with the idea of ​​his own farm. About five years ago, I got my Jersey Cow Suus. She lives with Gisbert, my farm neighbor. It lives in its organic flock and provides the most delicious creamy milk. I asked Gijsbert if I could use a piece of his land for a year. After a few years of careful consideration, he enthusiastically agreed. A farmer looking for a wifesubmitted earlier. Her farmers’ union assists with arable farming and animal care and also has an advisory role. “I’m afraid they will make fun of me a lot if I do something so unwise.”

Yvonne, 49, and Peter van Pockinge, who is six years older, entered into a relationship when she was 28 years old. The two were linked by a friend. In 2005 they got married, and in the same year the daughter Casey was born. Brother Tajal is two years younger. Peter has been a professor of environmental economics since last summer. “When we fell in love, our worlds were the opposite. Peter is in science, I’m in children’s TV. Now, 22 years later, our lives are exactly the same. And it’s more modern than ever. I’m married to a professor! And so insanely proud!” I love you Pie! ‘,” Yvonne wrote with a picture of her family.

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