March 25, 2023

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Security guards in Schiphol receive €2.50 an hour and new listings |  Economie

Security guards in Schiphol receive €2.50 an hour and new listings | Economie

Security guards in Schiphol receive an additional €2.50 per hour on a structural basis. Schedules and rest periods are also adjusted. This airport and unions announced on Thursday.

From November, Schiphol security guards will receive an additional €2.50 per hour in addition to the gross salary stipulated in the collective labor agreement. Pay for security guards together in Schiphol can go up by about 40 percent.

Schiphol hopes an increase in wages will make airport security guards work more attractive. The airport has long been suffering from a shortage of security personnel, which led to the necessary problems. Travelers still have to deal with long queues.

The guards’ rolls and resting places are also being improved. From January 2, there will be fewer times the security guard’s shift can begin. Then there is a maximum of ten per day. This makes schedules more predictable and more straightforward, resulting in a better work-life balance.

The remaining areas are already being processed with the participation of employees. An additional budget has been provided by Schiphol for this.

According to the union CNV Vakmensen, Schiphol is taking a big step to improve the situation of security guards. Negotiator Eric Maas says: “There is an urgent need for higher wages, better menus and decent break rooms to make work more attractive again and to solve the problem of staff shortages. But it will take a long time before the situation returns to normal. In the long run, improvements are also needed other structure.