Eloise van Oranje: “It’s strange that I’m under this magnifying glass”

Eloise van Oranje: "It's strange that I'm under this magnifying glass"

The Countess studies at the Hotel High School and as a celebrity she sometimes leads to quite uncomfortable moments. “I was fortunate to have my internship and it was a small hotel,” she said on the podcast. “A lot of international people came there, so that was great. But when there were Dutch nationals, they would ask my colleagues: ‘Is this her..?’

Talk to everyone

She also sometimes struggles with things at school. “I am really sociable and love to talk to everyone. When a new movement came out, I would introduce myself to everyone, and then there was literally someone like: I already know you,” she says. “Then I think: Well… I just want to know your name too.”

magnifying glass

The countess also says that at first she was very interested in whether people recognized her. “Every time someone looked at me I thought: Do you know me or not?” Luckily Eloise She says she can give it up, but still finds it strange that she is under “such a magnifying glass.” “The smallest things are taken care of and everything becomes much larger than it is.”

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source: Dunk & Co

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