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Intel will announce the A370M in two weeks, its first GPU in the Arc series of laptops. Intel has promised to introduce the first graphics processing unit (GPU) to laptops in the early months of this year for some time now.

Intel announced that the event will take place on March 30 at 4:00 Dutch time. The A370M, Intel’s first GPU for laptops, delivers twice the performance compared to current integrated graphics, Writes the manufacturer† Intel promises to announce more details about the performance and stability of its GPUs at a later time.

Intel said in August last year It will issue graphic cards for desktop and laptop computers. This relates to a graphics processing unit known as the Alchemist which is based on the Intel Xe HPG architecture. At the event, the manufacturer will also showcase XeSS and Deep Link. The latter is a software framework that estimates whether a task can be correctly performed by igpu, dgpu, or both. XeSS is an analogue of AMD FSR and Nvidia DLSS. The cards also support ray tracing.

At CES in January Intel said Arc Alchemist graphics cards will be released in the first quarter, but only then spoke about “systems integration” from OEMs. In all, Intel expects to deliver 4 million discrete GPUs by 2022. This includes other GPUs, such as the upcoming Ponte Vecchio chip for data centers and high performance computing† Desktop models will arrive in the second quarter and workstation models will arrive in the third quarter.

Intel Arc Presentation March 30, 2022

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