Reducing greenhouse gas emissions stalls, Urgenda goal has not been achieved

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions stalls, Urgenda goal has not been achieved

The decline in greenhouse gas emissions did not continue into 2021, according to a preliminary estimate by the Netherlands Statistics Authority and RIVM. As a result of higher emissions last year, the decrease compared to 1990 is 23.9 percent. That’s at least 25 percent below Urgenda’s goal.

It was announced last month that the climate target, which was endorsed by the court, would be set in 2020. achieved† Greenhouse gas emissions that year were 25.5 percent lower than in 1990.

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At the end of 2019, the Supreme Court ruled in a case brought by Urgenda that emissions should be reduced by at least 25%. The goal is to reduce emissions further in the coming years. The climate law states that the reduction in 2030 should be 49 percent compared to 1990. The Cabinet wants to increase this percentage to 55 percent.

CBS says last year’s goal was not met due to, among other things, the relatively cooler early months of 2021 compared to the previous year. More natural gas was consumed in built-up areas. Emissions there rose by 10 percent.

Greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture have also increased by 2%. There has also been an increase in the electricity sector. In the mobility and industry sector, emissions have remained more or less the same.

‘bad luck’

Sustainability organization Urgenda already said last month that there were “coincidences” about meeting the target in 2020. Director Marjane Menesma stated that an “absolute minimum” had been achieved. “But at least there is movement, it’s better than what has been achieved so far, but it’s just luck,” she said.

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