Your Apple Watch will also have these functions

watchOS 10

watchOS 10 is coming: the update will be released next Monday! Your Apple Watch will receive these watchOS 10 features.

WatchOS 10 features

While this year isn’t revolutionary when it comes to the Apple Watch itself — the Series 9 and Ultra 2 don’t offer much new compared to the previous generation — there is something to report on the software front.

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With watchOS 10, the Apple Watch may receive its biggest update ever. The entire interface has been changed, there are now widgets on your watch face, and you get all kinds of useful features. We list all the important watchOS 10 features for you.

1. Completely renewed applications

WatchOS 10

Few apps are left alone in watchOS 10. You’ll find new interfaces in almost all the major apps: from Weather to Home, from Maps to the World Clock. It is worth noting that the applications now look very similar to iPhone applications, with colorful backgrounds, many features, and an interface that extends to the edge of the screen. So you’ll have to take your iPhone out less often to get the information you need. Very pleasant.

2. Smart Stack

Usually, most Apple Watch users mainly stare at the watch face, because that is where all the information you need is located. The watch face becomes more useful with watchOS 10.

watchOS 10 tools

You’ll now find the Smart Stack on your watch face. These are small widgets for your favorite apps, like Current, Weather, and Calendar, where you’ll find useful information and buttons at a glance. This means you no longer need to open an app for quick tasks, like starting a workout or pausing music.

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3. New watch faces

With watchOS 10, you can get two additional watch faces – or actually dozens of them. One of the faces is Snoopy. It changes every time you look at it, including modern animation.

WatchOS 10

The other dial is a plate. It is a stylish, modern dial with three layers of color that changes throughout the day. This almost looks like a work of art.

4. Additional workout features

The Workout app on the watch is getting some upgrades with watchOS 10. You can now track your cycling workout on your iPhone. Mount your iPhone on your bike’s handlebars and you instantly have a complete bike computer.

WatchOS 10

Also new is comprehensive support for cycling accessories that allow you to track your cadence, speed, and power. This also instantly displays a new power meter on your watch, at the highest intensity you can maintain for an hour.

5. More for hikers

There are also great innovations for those who prefer to simply use a legged stroller. With the Compass app, you can now track your walking route in 3D, with all changes in elevation, and a pin placed where you were last. This way you can easily return to a place you can call if necessary.

You’ll also now see a new ring in Maps, which indicates how long it takes to walk outside the ring. This way you can quickly find out how long it takes to reach a nearby location.

6. Mental health

With iOS 17, your iPhone tracks your mental health — if you want it to — and your Apple Watch gets involved. WatchOS 10 sometimes checks how you’re feeling at that moment, based on some questions about your day.

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If there are concerns about your mental health, for example due to an increased risk of depression, you will be notified. You can read all the information on your iPhone in the Health app.

7. More than that

watchOS 10 offers some additional features. For example, you can save maps for offline use (via your iPhone), you’ll see FaceTime video messages, and NameDrop will be available in a later update. With the latter, you can share contact information by holding your watch against another watch or iPhone.

Install watchOS 10

The update to watchOS 10 is available Monday, September 18 at 7 p.m Available via the Watch app (under “General > Software Update”). You need one of the following Apple Watch models:

The update is already available as standard on Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Please note that your iPhone must be running iOS 17 to install watchOS 10. For this you need an iPhone XS, iPhone XR or later. The second and third generation iPhone SE are also included.

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