You have a chance to win €950 worth of prizes during Easter

You have a chance to win €950 worth of prizes during Easter

Easter is just around the corner and that means it’s time to hunt for Easter eggs again. Not only in your backyard, but also in robot planet! You have a chance to win one of two prize packages, with a total value of approximately €950. are you looking for?

Read on after the announcement.

Easter Gift 2023 at Android Planet

Sunday 9th and Monday 10th April we can put our all inclusive Easter brunch on the table and the Easter Bunny will come again. We also celebrate Easter at Android Planet. We’ve hidden digital easter eggs among all of the articles and product and deals pages on our site for the third year in a row. In each Easter egg you will find a piece of Repos. You’ll have to find all the eggs in order to completely solve the rebus and have a chance to win one of two prize packages.

You can participate from today (Monday, April 3). You have through Monday, April 10th It’s time to present your solution. Please note: Your entry must be six words long to stand a chance of winning. Moreover, everyone has one chance. Are you submitting multiple entries? Then the first answer you submit will be counted. We will notify the winners as soon as possible after the giveaway ends!

Double chance to win Easter prize package

This year we’re making two of our readers happy with a well-filled Easter prize package. If you win the main prize, you will receive the GS5 Senior smartphone from Gigaset. You can also record your sports sessions with the Oppo Band 2, but you will also receive all your WhatsApp notifications and emails on your wrist.

Plus, fiddling with cables in your car is a thing of the past and you can use Android Auto wirelessly thanks to the AAW wireless dongle. You can also pick something up yourself with a €50 MediaMarkt gift card. To make it easier to transport all this, OnePlus gives you a backpack as a gift. In total, this prize package amounts to 597.98 euros.

The second prize package is everything Motorola. The brand has made available the Moto G73 smartphone and a set of Verve Buds 250, with which you can enjoy your favorite music. Together, this amounts to €349.98.

I want to! How do I participate?

Until Saturday, April 8, a clue will appear every day around 3 p.m. where you can find the Easter egg of the day. We hide it in a specific article or, for example, on a product page. In each egg you will find a piece of rebus, like the example on the right. Once you find all six words, the words form a sentence that you submit using the form below.

you hold? Enabling more people to help search during Easter Monday and Easter Sunday! Make sure you are before the end of Easter – Monday, April 10th – Submit your entry. Then we will choose random winners. So good luck in your search!

Where can I find Easter eggs?

Monday, April 3 – the first egg

You can start looking for your first easter egg right away! Just like the second prize package, today it’s all about this brand. The first egg is in an article about a smartphone from this package. What is the difference with its predecessor?

Tuesday, April 4 – Egg #2

Are you ready for the second easter egg? You can find it on the page entirely dedicated to the smartwatch you can win.

Wednesday, April 5th – Third easter egg

Remember which brand makes the backpack available? For the third egg, you are looking for an article about the most luxurious smartphone that the brand is currently offering. Read our editor Wouter’s opinion on the smartphone!

Thursday 6th April – Looking again?

We’re already over halfway through Easter 2023! If you win the biggest Easter prize package, you will also win a smartphone. The fourth easter egg can be found on this phone tag page.

Friday April 7th – Egg Time #5

We will go back in time! On January 24, Android Planet published an article full of deals from the gift card-giving store. You may find the fifth easter egg here.

Saturday, April 8 – Last egg

We’ve hidden the sixth and final easter egg in an advertisement for the gadget that makes the cable between your smartphone and your car unnecessary. You now know exactly five reasons to choose this product.

Eggs, everything is there!

Did you find all six eggs? Then quickly solve the rebus problem and share your solution with us. or not Who is this Enter your details, tell us what prize package you’ll get and you’re instantly in the running for that amazing prize!

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