March 30, 2023

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Skull & Bones gets DLSS, FSR and XeSS support at release – Games – News

Ubisoft’s upcoming pirate game Skull & Bones will receive support for Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR 1.0, and Intel XeSS at launch. This makes it one of the first games to receive support for upgrade technologies from all three major GPU makers.

Ubisoft confirms in a video About PC Features Skull & Bones The pirate game will receive support for DLSS from Nvidia and FidelityFX Super Resolution from AMD. Ubisoft confirms in a blog post that Skull & Bones You will also receive support for Intel XeSS technology, which is not currently available. All of these technologies are used in games to render frames at a lower resolution and then upgrade to a higher resolution. This should result in higher frame rates with relatively little quality loss.

Nvidia DLSS and Intel XeSS are both temporary upgrades, which use information from previous frames to increase the clarity of the current frame. The developer states that in the case of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, it is version 1.0 On the game web page. This, unlike FSR 2.0, is a spatial scale that only uses information from the current frame to illustrate the image.

It is not known if the game will receive FSR 2.0 at a later date. According to AMD However, it is relatively easy to provide games that support temporary upgrades like DLSS with FSR 2.0. DLSS, FSR 2.0, and XeSS are similar under the hood and require the same input from the game engine, for example. Tweakers wrote earlier Background story on the technical operation of these three upgrade techniques.

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On top of that, Skull & Bones will get unlocked frame rate, ray tracing, and support for ultra-fast screens. Ubisoft also discloses the game system requirements. Tweakers posted on Friday Skull & Bones review.