Manchester’s Musical The Bodyguard was closed due to loud bleating spectators

Manchester's Musical The Bodyguard was closed due to loud bleating spectators
Bodyguard performance in Utrecht (illustrative)

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The Manchester musical The Bodyguard has been halted after audience members sang it out loud, reports include BBC.

At the musical’s climax, at the beat I will love you always It was sung, and in addition to lead actress Melody Thornton’s vocals, you can also hear vocals from some people in the audience. When the stage crew failed to silence them, the auditorium lights were turned on.

There was a commotion and security took two people singing from the balcony out of the hall. Most of the musical was already over, but the entire cast was actually performing the song afterward I wanna Dance With Somebody to sing. This does not happen anymore. The audience had already been instructed beforehand not to sing.

Pictures can be seen on Twitter of people singing with the audience:

Thornton says she’s sorry the show can’t end. “I fought so hard for it, it was such a terrible feeling,” says Thornton. Thornton is best known to the general public as one of the vocalists and dancers in the former pop group The Pussycat Dolls. Co-star Aidan Callahan describes the behavior of the singing spectators as appalling. “We wanted to continue, but it became a very big incident.” He says he regrets that a few people spoiled him for “99.9 percent of the audience.”

Bodyguard It is based on the 1992 movie of the same name starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. In addition to the hit songs from the movie, the musical also includes other hits by singer Houston. The musical was staged in the Netherlands between 2015 and 2017. This year the production returned to Dutch theatres.

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