Would you like to live in the Corey Konings mansion? It’s yours for 1.5 million

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1/6 Villa Corey Konings (Photo: Fonda)

For super fans of Corry Konings, or for those looking for a beautiful large white villa in Berkel-Enschot: The Song of Life singer has put her house up for sale. One and a half million euros is the asking price, but then you have something too. Six bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a private tennis court, to name a few.

“Live the good life,” is how the broker sums it up in the ad posted on Funda. Corry Konings’ villa is located in Bosschweg in Berkel-Enschot, “near Tilburg”. And that the singer has enough space, that should be obvious.

white suite
On the ground floor, you will find a spacious living room and kitchen that you can relate to. The fact that someone with a musical background still lives here is evidenced by the enormous white piano standing there. The so-called L-shaped “garden room” runs around the house. So it overlooks a large garden.

The white grand piano in the garden room (Photo: Fonda)
The white grand piano in the garden room (Photo: Fonda)

Anyone with a little green finger can have fun there. But it’s also possible to hit the ball on your tennis court, or swim a few laps in the outdoor pool.

Swimming pool and tennis court (Photo: Fonda)
Swimming pool and tennis court (Photo: Fonda)

There are six bedrooms in total on the first and second floor. Enough for all friends who want to spend the night once you live here. They’ll probably like your new wine cellar: the cellar is so big that half is used as a storage room and the other half is a wine cellar.

younger life
Too much space, it’s not perfect, according to Corey Konings himself. She announced in September that she wanted to live a little younger. Then she celebrated her 70th birthday at her home in Berkle-Inchot and our reporter came for a piece of cake. “This might be my last birthday here,” she said at the time. “I want to live smaller. Everything here is too big. You can only use one room, I think. So I will look for something more modest, what suits me.”

So this seems to be happening now. Because the one who has the right offer can own this big white villa.

Watch here how Corey Konings celebrated her 70th birthday in her beautiful villa:

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