Passengers were once again affected by the complete failure of the metro

Passengers were once again affected by the complete failure of the metro

There was no subway in town for nearly two hours in the early evening. The reason was the new metro system. The metro is now operating again.

The subway stopped around 6 pm. A GVB spokesperson was initially unable to say when driving could resume. “That would be speculation. It’s very upsetting mainly for the people involved, the travelers.” Later, the GVB recommended the use of buses, trams or trains.

At about 7.45 pm, the GVB announced that metro traffic could continue. However, delays must be taken into account.

about ten times

Due to the new security system, CBTC, all metros have already arrived Still standing ten times. In almost all cases, it took an hour before driving was possible again. A reset must be performed each time.

Last Thursday, around 2 p.m., another such outage occurred. Only the north/south line was in operation at the time. Then the rest of the metro traffic was able to drive again about fifteen minutes later. It appears to be the first time that it has been possible to drive again at this speed after a reset.

completely transformed

Earlier this year, the municipality and the GVB began using the system “in phases”. This means that initially it was only used for short periods of time, for example a day or a week. It was completely replaced about a month ago.

A full conversion to CBTC has to be done multiple times already is postponed due to malfunctions. D66 Councilman Jan-Bert Vroege, who has already requested an explanation from the councilman several times, wants clarification again next week about the unrest and the situation.

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The program manager said at the end of July that the new system, among other things, is more vulnerable because it has more options:

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