Women open up to Bart de Pau in a new series | Television

Women open up to Bart de Pau in a new series |  Television

Di Bao was given a six-month suspended prison sentence last month for harassing six actresses and other women he worked with, the judge ruled. The show maker, presenter, and actor, among other things, sent them enthusiastic text messages, according to an innocent flirt.

The women open a book about, among other things, what they believe happened and the reactions they received during the process. “I had the feeling that there was a lot more to say than what was said in the papers and the news,” Otterhofen told Flemish radio. garden. In 2017, the management of this broadcaster decided to end cooperation with De Pauw after reports of misconduct.

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The series includes Helena de Kremer, who did an internship at De Pauw’s production company. In her case, the show maker was acquitted, but she still believes that “this will get people to adapt their behavior faster, witnesses will react faster and women will put a stop to it faster,” the announcer said.

Some of the issues are difficult to assess for the judiciary, as few women believe, including Lisa Naert. In her case, the software maker was convicted. “It’s about feelings and emotions and their misuse,” she says. garden. “And these are intangible things and often between the lines.”

The judge ruled that De Pauw “assaulted” two employees, actresses Lisa Naert, Ella John Henard and Elaine Lloyd, another woman victim of electronic harassment.

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