Would you choose the succession of Max Verstappen’s mother? The scope of video services is getting wider

Would you choose the succession of Max Verstappen's mother?  The scope of video services is getting wider

The offer is already large, but next year the choice of video services will be even greater. Gone are the days when you started and ended with Netflix. Depending on the interest and the make-up of your household, you can lose money quickly on four or five subscriptions.

There are three other players. The most famous name is HBO Max, the party behind the popular series game of Thrones in a Succession. Another player is SkyShowtime, with shows from Peacock (American television channel NBC), Paramount+ (CBS), and Showtime, among others. Also new is Viaplay, which will broadcast Formula 1 among other things; Important for fans of Max Verstappen.

100 billion euros in content

The battle over the scenes is getting fiercer. The Financial Times calculated That in the “broadcast war” US platforms will spend about 100 billion euros next year. More money means more supply – so the hope is – a better opportunity to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

This mutual battle for spectator became increasingly fierce in the Netherlands. “Netflix remains the undisputed number one here,” said Kasper Schaefer, media expert at consultancy PwC. “The battle now is over who will be number two. So you need, among other things, a proper advertising budget and a good pricing strategy.”

The market will be more crowded next year:

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