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Do you have the idea that it would take a wealth of space in the cramped Netherlands to create a wind farm that could power the entire country? One day, deep-sea floating wind farms will be a thing, but we’re not there yet. We should have had it the day before yesterday.

@n00bs Just true that we need nuclear power.

The green movements were mumbling again last year, acknowledging that we shouldn’t have cut off our nuclear power after all.

France warmly welcomes its 58 nuclear reactors (the highest per capita rate in the world). Plus Belgium which has 7 nuclear reactors (I hope the Belgians never rip Doel and Tihange). Germany is once again considering doing more with the nuclear energy sector based on the results of the energy stress test. And even Japan (before Fukushima was 25% to 30% of its nuclear capacity; now less than half that) is opening new plants, restarting old ones, and expanding while they are running. Even the Japanese people support him with a large majority, while the same population immediately after Fukushima was against it by 80%.

When will the Netherlands wake up? Nobody in politics talks about it. We’re too busy with nitrogen waste rather than getting our energy supplies in order. Yesterday the news was that the energy crisis was only going to get worse. The construction of nuclear power plants takes a very long time, and therefore the Hague was supposed to start this at the beginning of this year. It’s as if we’re in a sinking boat, and the locker is just trying to close the gaps with failure after failure, instead of getting up to climb.

Modify: @International creations I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that 35% of the uranium comes from Russia. Maybe you mean a country or region that buys 35% of Russia? Anyway, this is not a factor. We depend more on gas in Russia than on uranium, and we can transport uranium more easily and cheaper than liquefied gas. Incidentally, Kazakhstan produces 45%, followed by Namibia (11%), Canada 9%, Australia (9%), Uzbekistan (7%), and Russia (5%).

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