March 22, 2023

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What will NPO 3FM do after canceling programs?  'They want to change everything' |  right Now

What will NPO 3FM do after canceling programs? ‘They want to change everything’ | right Now

After the morning show by Sander Hoogendoorn, the afternoon program by Frank van der Linde and Eva Cormann should also be broadcast on NPO 3FM. end of june Against the wishes of the DJ. It is not yet certain which direction the canal, which has been struggling for years, should take. Radio expert Everett Bronkhorst told

NPO 3FM will start again on the bulldozer† A different translation will be given for programs in the most important time slots, i.e. early morning and late afternoon. It is not clear yet.

A spokesperson for NPO 3FM says that no new program can be announced yet. “The channel is still in talks with broadcasters about the future implementation,” he added.

Van der Lende and Koreman have been doing an afternoon show together on NPO 3FM for over two years now. Before that, Van der Linde could be heard on the canal in the early evening. Hoogendoorn can be heard as a morning DJ since September 2018.

Menno de Boer was recently appointed as the channel’s new director, following the departure of Sharid Alles, who joined NPO 3FM in 2018 to give the struggling channel a new development. The market share of the former success terminal had fallen to 2.5% by then.

Now, more than 3.5 years later, the path has yet to be found, with a market share of 2.2% in March and April 2022. Despite various adjustments between them, participants cannot turn the tide.

“3FM Has So Little Of Its Own Face”

Radio expert Bronkhorst from media agency Abovo says this is mainly because 3FM “doesn’t have enough relevance” to the listener. “For the station, the morning and afternoon show is very important and defines the face, and 3FM has missed the boat there. It is very interchangeable and there is very little of its own identity. What the station represents has not been properly projected.”

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Bronkhorst closely monitors the radio market for advertisers and does monthly analyzes of listening numbers and other developments around the channels. He predicts that new channel director De Boer will “change everything”.

“All broadcasters are allowed to re-subscribe in the morning and afternoon periods. The eventual cancellation of the morning and afternoon program is a clear indication that people realize that there can be significant gains here in the short term.”

According to him, the most important question is how the NPO wants to put the “new” 3FM. “Do they really go 100 percent for a station that targets more young people, or do they want to become a broader and alternative sister to NPO Radio 2?”

According to Bronkhorst, a smaller 3FM profile would make the most sense given the goals from the NPO. “The NPO wants to serve as many groups as possible, but the 18-34-year-old group has shifted heavily to streaming services, for example. Then you have to settle for less share of the total market and you just have to judge the channel based on the results in these The target group is younger. In addition, the online presence should be increased.”

Calling famous DJs doesn’t seem like an option.

In Bronkhorst’s vision, 3FM should be presented as a broad (digital) platform for young people, of which line radio is a part. “The only question is if this is feasible given the limitations of the media law. That also wouldn’t really help in terms of advertising revenue for STER.”

There are rumors of famous DJs coming to the station or returning, such as Rod de Wilde and Frank Daine, although this does not seem to make any sense according to the radio expert. “Aside from the question of whether it is realistic for these people to be brought in, this does not fit the path for younger listeners.”

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Bronkhorst anticipates that NPO 3FM’s work will be hell to get things back up again. “It’s not fixed in the short term. The most important thing is to first identify the channel’s musical DNA and make choices. Only then can you start looking at the numbers.”

3FM schedule since 2015

  • 2015: Coen Swijnenberg and Sander Lantinga move to Radio 538. Frank van der Lende takes over the evening programme. Gerard Ekdom goes to NPO Radio 2. NPO 3FM decided to absorb the departure of the young talent from its DJ school. Eva Corman comes from Qmusic. Market share drops sharply from here.
  • 2016: DJ Paul Rabbering and Timur Perlin moved to NPO Radio 2. At the end of 2016, the station will receive a new program. Jill Beilin discontinued his morning show after twelve years and was succeeded by Domaine Verschorn.
  • 2017: 3FM changed programming. Frank van der Linde was replaced in the late afternoon by Marc van der Meulen and Ramon Verkoijen. More female DJs will be included in the shows, such as Eva Koreman, Angelique Houtveen, and talent DJ from their radio school Jorien Renkema. Domaine Verschorn has announced his departure to Qmusic.
  • 2018/2019: Programming changed again. This is how Sander Hoogendoorn gets on The Morning Show. Michelle Finstra leaves and breathes new life into radio station KINK. NPO should cut back on 3FM.
  • 2020: Another new programming, with Timur Perlin returning to the channel.
  • 2021: Shared Alice announced her departure at the end of 2021. Earlier there was an incident with her and DJ Timor Berlin. He wants to contact a boy who wanted to reveal the secret location of the Måneskin concert organized by 3FM. The listener was one of the winners of the exclusive show. Everything collapses live during the broadcast and prevents Berlin from contacting the boy.
  • 2022: Menno de Boer succeeds Alles as Channel Director. Sander Hoogendoorn and duo Frank van der Linde and Eva Corman have been told that their show will be ending after June.
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