January 27, 2023

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The smartest human models joke about the sender model question

The smartest human models joke about the sender model question

Viewers have been able to submit all their questions through the site since 2015. Martin van Rossum, a jury member for the show, answers one of these questions at the beginning of each broadcast. Also in this episode, Martin answers a submission, but viewers can’t worry about the content. However, the sender of the viewer’s question loosens the tongues. smartest personViewer Connie Komen from Leiden managed to make Twitter users scream because of the pun in her name.

“Sorry, but I wasn’t the only one who heard this, right?” A viewer asks. Connie Komen sent Martin a question. Another viewer captures this in a funny way: “It really doesn’t exist.” Someone else wonders if this “would be her real name.” Connie’s parents were also briefly in the spotlight: “Come and call your baby Connie.”

the smartest person It will be broadcast on NPO 2 on weekdays at 8:30 PM.

Also in this episode, entertainment expert Rob managed to become the smartest of the day once again. This has been the case since she entered the program. However, Rob was previously accused of wasting time on the smartest personFinal, but thought otherwise. You can hear about this in the video below.

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