Sylvie Mays encourages her son on the sidelines and shares a snapshot with him

Sylvie Mays encourages her son on the sidelines and shares a snapshot with him

Damian, son of Sylvie and Rafael, practices the same profession as his father. In September, he signed a one-season agreement with Ajax until June 30, 2024.

Sylvie Mays on the sidelines

On Sunday morning, his team plays against Feyenoord early, and Sylvie sits proudly in the stands with her brother Daniel. On her Instagram Stories, she posted a photo with her brother and a photo of her son at work. She commented on the first photo, saying: “Proud mother and uncle.”

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Instagram selfie miss photo

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Before that, Damian was playing for Esbjerg, but when an offer came from Ajax, the decision was made quickly. It was the 17-year-old’s dream to work for a professional football club. His father, Rafael, was a former classifier Orange summer Damien has talent, but he still has a lot to grow.

People often ask if his son is as good as him, to which Rafael honestly answers that it is not the case, but he can play football well. “He has made a lot of progress, even though he has only been playing for a professional club in Denmark for three years after playing amateur football in Hamburg.” However, his first big step has been taken and this only bodes well.

Damien van der Vaart, the son of Sylvie Mees and Rafael van der Vaart, recently signed a professional contract with Ajax. This means that he comes to live in the Netherlands again, and therefore has to miss his girlfriend. Entertainment journalist Matthijs Albers shares a snapshot of the two of them.

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