Wendy’s flirtation stands out for BzV viewers

Wendy's flirtation stands out for BzV viewers

When Rob tours his house, Wendy gives him a full 100%. She directs every pass. The cherry grower explains, among other things, that he sometimes stands alone in front of the window to enjoy the view. “Would you rather stand like this?” She asks Rob, holding him tightly. “Oh, she’s taking her chance,” Sonya and Sylvia look at the scene from the sidelines.

“My idea is at least he sees who I am and I’m also totally in love. Well, he sees that. This is meWendy said.

During a tour of the house, she had already been lying on the bed in a sexy position. While touring the orchard, she joked, “I can bend very well.”

However, Wendy may not be too excited about Rob and this has everything to do with the fact that he talks a lot, but he does ask some questions. In next week’s preview, we see her ask an important question: “But Rob, are you a good listener too?” Follow…

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We recently spoke to Milou, and she appeared a few years ago on A farmer looking for a wife† Despite the fact that things have broken down with Farmer Bastian, it seems like a thing dating a farmer again. You can see it in the video below.

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