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Often the software is insufficient for quality control before it is sent to the consumer. And once you have such a device, the software is quickly discarded because the latest product line grabs all your attention.

Indeed, stricter manufacturers should be tied to a maintenance commitment, but such a thing is tough. I don’t agree with you that going back to stupid machines is the answer.

Imagine a microwave with a rotating knob again, or a thermostat without a program and without consumption measurements. In fact, I have a robotic vacuum cleaner that has gotten dumber in terms of application after a year of purchase. It used to give periodic instructions for maintenance, and now the thing is often full or has damaged parts because it has been removed from the application.

And yes, initially all of these products have teething problems that should be removed. Smart TVs weren’t usually smart until a few years ago. Sometimes heaps of misery unpredictable or so murky in terms of operation you longed for the simplicity of the old picture tube version come crashing down.

But now most Smart TVs are much faster, more stable and usually childishly simple despite (or because of) the underlying complexity.

The latest chip machines make smaller, more economical and more powerful chips with less raw materials. Of course, an old machine with big resistors and switches isn’t always worse or ready for the environmental situation, but with billions of people on the planet, these new machines make a huge difference in the raw materials for the equipment we want or need to buy.

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