Ukrainian refugee receives rent and childcare allowance | the interior

Ukrainian refugee receives rent and childcare allowance |  the interior

To enable Ukrainians to receive childcare allowance, the government is amending the law. At the moment, parents who have a partner outside the European Union are not entitled to childcare allowance. This rule will expire. With the childcare allowance, the government wants to enable Ukrainians to combine work and care for young children.

Women and children in particular fled from Ukraine to the Netherlands. This concerns over 64,000 people. The partner is usually left due to conscription. Most people live in municipal shelters. About 20,000 found a place elsewhere. They then live with host families or find their own home.

According to the European Union, member states must ensure that Ukrainians have “decent shelter or a way to find housing”. That is why support in the form of housing subsidy is “desirable” if the rent turns out to be too high, as the government believes.

It will take some time before the payment of allowances is legally regulated. That is why the allowance service will give advantages in anticipation. So the service will provide advances. The House of Representatives will be informed of the financial consequences at a later time.

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