February 3, 2023

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Kjeld Nuis on Jax's son: 'He's bouncy just like me'

Kjeld Nuis on Jax’s son: ‘He’s bouncy just like me’

“He’s bouncy just like me,” says Kegeld in conversation with him. Girlfriend. In the past, for example, top athletes had great difficulty concentrating in school. To burn off energy, he went skiing before class started. The fact that what happened in the back of the class was more interesting to him than the teacher said didn’t help during his school days either. Kjeld now sees his son’s preoccupation. “I hear myself saying things to Jax like, ‘Watch out, don’t jump off your diving board right away, put your helmet on…’ But on the other hand, I also love that he’s really excited.”

It was goodbye, said Kegeld. “From school punishment to community service. The latter seems more severe than it was.” The police did not thank him for decorating the city with graffiti. “We got ten hours of community service and painted the benches in a nursing home and cleaned out containers, that kind of thing. We really loved doing it.”

After the divorce of his son’s mother, Keld found love again. His buddy Joey is the one who gives him a listening ear as he goes through the tough time. Kjeld calls it “excellent”. “I admire her because she dared to choose a man ten years older than her with a son. We spent a year and a half together on the skateboarding team. When I was divorced, which I sometimes struggled with, I drew more of her. Joey and I were talking really well, and we still talk.” She may be younger than me, but she’s more mature than most women my age.”

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